Pop Annual 1950-2023

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1950– 2023 – yep, you read that right!

The 10th edition of Pop Annual will be our first to go back to the beginning of the Fifties!  That’s a full five early years (1950-54) plus seven later years (2017-2023) for a total of 12 more years than our previous edition.

Our Pop Annual is a favorite book among music lovers who can spot a song out of its time – like when a movie set in 1953 plays “Shake, Rattle And Roll” by Bill Haley & His Comets but the song didn’t even hit until 1954.  At approx. 1,000 pages, this Record Research reference sets the record straight.

New half-decade synopses are interspersed throughout Pop Annual further defining and amplifying popular music’s historical context.  These five-year increments highlight the Top 10 Artists, Top 10 Songs, and Top 10 Songwriters, plus Top Artists Debuts on the Hot 100,  and Headline News.

Coming late June of 2024 – Reserve Your Copy Now

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74 Years of ALL the charted hits!

Year by year by year, Pop Annual is a retrospective of all the songs that peaked from January, 1950, through December, 2023, on Billboard magazine’s pop singles charts: Hot 100, Bubbling Under the Hot 100, Best Sellers in Stores, Most Played by Jockeys, Most Played in Juke Boxes and Top 100 — whether it’s a 78 rpm record that ruled the chart at #1 for a month or a download that squeaked on for a week at #120, they’re all here.  The bulk of the book is made up of 74 yearly listings, starting with all songs that peaked at #1, then #2, #3, and so on, ranked first by peak position, then peak weeks, weeks in Top 10, Top 40, and on chart.  Shown for each song is the date that it reached its highest position (peak date), recording artist, songwriter, time and label of recording.


1/2-Decade Sections throughout book highlight the Top 10 Artists, Top 10 Songwriters, Top 10 Songs, Top Trends, Notable News, & More!

Comprehensive, Essential Chart Data Arranged For Fast, Easy Reference:

  • Peak chart position
  • Total peak weeks
  • Peak date
  • Yearly rank
  • Songwriters are shown for every title that made the Hot 100, Bubbling Under the Hot 100 and any of Billboard’s other Pop charts since 1950
  • Original label
  • Total weeks in the Top 10
  • Total weeks in the Top 40
  • Total weeks charted
  • RIAA Platinum/Gold certification
  • Playing time of each title – especially helpful when searching for the correct version of a song to download
  • Instrumental, Novelty, Christmas and other specialty recordings are indicated with special symbols
  • Check box for each and every hit.
  • Single underline after every 5 peak positions
  • Double underline after ever 10 peak positions

Bonus Sections:

  • New:  15 Five-Year Synopses of the Top 10 Artists, Top 10 Songs, Top 10 Songwriters, Top Artist Debuts on Hot 100, Notable News & More
  • Complete Alphabetical Song Title List
  • Ranking of Top Songwriters
  • List of Tag-Along Songs
  • Yearly Award Winners of Academy’s Best Song and Grammy’s Record & Song
  • Yearly Charts Recaps

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