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It's Joel's final project!
Vol. 2 of 17th edition of his flagship book

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21,095 Hits by 4,197 Artists
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Bruno Mars - Marshmello
Sheryl Crow page
Sheryl Crow sample page
About Book
The upcoming Volume 2 picks up with the tail end of the age of the vinyl 45 rpm, and continues the single’s journey through the era of cassette, CD, and MP3, to streaming in present time. Our research covers everything that appeared on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100
and Bubbling Under charts -- that’s 21,095 songs by 4,197 artists! Witness the explosion of Rap/Hip-Hop, the rise of Latin and K-pop music, and the impact of streaming on the weekly chart. Get the complete history of music icons who debuted after 1989: Adele, Mariah Carey, Drake, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and many more!
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Hit Count from Vol.1 Continued
Hit Count Continued

Hit counts resume from Volume 1 - for example, if an artist had 10 charted hits through 1989, Vol 2 begins numbering their subsequent hits at #11.

Printed in color
Color Edition Only

Soaring costs prohibited separate printings of black & white and color editions, so the customer favorite (and ours, too) became the top pick.

#1 in Canada
#1 in Canada

NEW: American chart hits that topped charts in Canada (and UK, Cash Box, Radio & Records, or other main genres -- AC, CW, RB, ROK & more)

Lil Nas X page
Lil Nas X page
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