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Top Pop Singles 1955-1989

Covering the vinyl record era with even more facts, stats and new features than ever!

And now also available in full COLOR!


Print editions available in black and white and now in COLOR!

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About the Book
The complete chart history of Billboard's Hot 100 and early pop singles charts is too huge for one book! It will now be contained in 2 separate books. Volume 1, spanning 1955 through 1989, will be arriving late September, 2021.
By focusing on the vinyl record era, Joel was able to add a host of new and exciting features to Top Pop Singles, such as all Top 10 albums, a 15-page section titled "The Pre-Rock Era," prices of valuable vintage vinyl, over 1,200 photos, all Canadian #1 hits, all #1 Honor Roll Of Hits, revised artist rankings, and so much more!
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Top Pop Singles Meets Top Pop Albums!
Top Pop Singles Meets
Top Pop Albums

All Top 10 Albums, plus other key LPs = 1000s of albums listed with full chart data

Robert Johson
Pre-Rock Section

15 pages, artist-by-artist, devoted to early, key R&B/Rock ‘n’ Roll songs and artists

Vintage Vinyl Prices
Vintage Vinyl Prices

Return of prices for any records valued at $25 or more

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Top Pop Playlists 1985-1999

Joel Whitburn pays homage to the end of the record era in this third volume of his Playlists series.

Each Playlist is a ranking of all songs that reached their peak popularity during that month on Billboard magazine's Hot 100 chart.

15 Years
180 Monthly Playlists
1,260 Photos
3,900 Recordings

Top Pop Playlists 1985-1999

The Essentials