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“Pop Memories” begins with the dawn of recorded music in 1890, before there were record charts or Billboard magazine (which began in 1894). The research for those 50 years was compiled from a variety of resources including sheet music sales data, ASCAP information and listings from periodicals of that time: Billboard, Variety, Talking Machine World, Phonoscope and Phonogram. This book is an intriguing look at the breadth of popular music during the recording age?s formative years: Irish tenors, minstrel acts, Dixieland jazz, vaudeville, early blues, Appalachian bluegrass, marching bands, ragtime, opera, gospel, sing-alongs and more! The year 1940 commenced the “modern” era of pop music. The popularity and impact of new songs had grown exponentially. This was the year that Billboard magazine introduced its first definitive weekly singles sales ranking, the Best Sellers chart. “Pop Hits” explores in greater detail the songs and artists of those 15 years leading up to the rock era with four unique sections. The Singles section, arranged by artist, provides further information on each of the recordings. The Pop Annual section is a year-by-year ranking of all songs of the year. The Top 10 Singles sections shows the Top 10 songs of each week from 1940-1954. The Albums section, arranged by artist, shows every album that appeared on Billboard’s Best-Selling Popular Record Albums chart from its inception in 1945-1954.

The main section of “Top Pop Singles” is an artist-by-artist, alphabetical, listing of the recordings that made Billboard’s popular music charts during the rock era. Each artist’s listing is arranged chronologically. The main section of the “Hot 100 Annual” is a year-by-year, chronological, listing of the recordings that made Billboard’s popular music charts during the rock era. Each year’s list of recordings is ranked by highest peak position, from #1 to #100.

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