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For more than 18 years, Billboard magazine’s “Honor Roll Of Hits” charts tracked the nation’s top tunes according to record sales, sheet music sales and disk jockey airplay as determined by Billboard’s weekly nationwide surveys.

We’ve reproduced every weekly “Honor Roll Of Hits” chart that appeared in Billboard from March 24, 1945 through November 16, 1963.  As the lead chart in Billboard before the “Hot 100,” the “Honor Roll Of Hits” measured a song’s popularity versus a particular hit’s popularity.  It combined all cover versions of a song into one consolidated listing — showing at a glance what songs were popular in any given week.

The key feature of the “Honor Roll Of Hits” chart was that it listed not only the “Best Selling Record” but also other “Records Available” for each song title. For example, for “That’ll Be The Day,” the chart showed the highly popular “Best Selling Record” by Buddy Holly’s Crickets in 1957.  In addition, it also showed other “Records Available” — the very rare and now highly sought after cover versions of the same song by The Ravens, Jeff Allen, Connie Russell, and Buddy Holly & The Three Tunes (actually Buddy Holly’s 1956 pre-Crickets’ recording!).

Please note: DVD-ROM does not contain video or audio files. Charts are in JPEG and PDF formats. DVD-ROM requires computer with a DVD drive and a photo viewer or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Will not play on a consumer DVD deck.

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